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The Diaries of a Resilient Black Nurse: An Anthology of Struggles and Achievements of black Nurses in America 

Black Nurses Unite to Address Racial Disparities in Healthcare & Solutions & Inspire the Masses

Come and be a part of the movement! Read our book and discover some of the most common issues faced amongst many Black Nurses in America. 

🔥 It is the “common issues” as to why there has ALWAYS been a national Nursing shortage.

🔥 It is the “common issues” as to why many Black Nurses have struggled when it became time to be promoted- or the issues experienced once they’ve been promoted.

🔥 It is the “common issues” as to why a group of Nurses from various backgrounds can have a conversation completely different from a group of Black Nurses in a private room.

🔥 It is the “common issues” that actually attribute to health inequality- which can negatively affect patient care and cause distrust within a community.

However, there are those Black Nurses who have managed to persevere in the midst of these common issues and they have managed to pave the way. Well, I’ve found some amazing Black Nurses who have shared their hearts and knowledge and they are ready for a lasting and positive change. We have united to inspire, educate, and empower the masses by simply sharing our experiences. It is our desire to shine a light on the dark side of Nursing- which is often unspoken, so that we may bring forth healing to our beloved profession.

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  • Be a part of the movement to repair our healthcare system one Nurse at a time
  • Make a global impact and help change healthcare for the betterment of our patients


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Meet Your Escape Coach, Suprena!

Nurse Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach, Empire Builder, Female Advocate

Suprena has experienced her share of hurts and has learned the beautiful art of healing. Now, she uses her past and current experiences, her spiritual gifts, 8 years of certified coaching experience, along with her nearly 23 years of professional Nursing expertise to help others heal- as she has, and continues to do. She affectionately says that she uses her stethoscope differently these days- and she loves it!…

Suprena understands what it looks and feels like being in toxic environments and relationships. Therefore, she has a passion for helping women and teen girls heal from the emotional wounds endured during their journey. She helps them remove the obstacles preventing them from getting to the next level in their personal life or their business. She also loves building up their self-esteem. She does this through coaching, private retreats, and workshops….

Suprena Hickman is the founder and CEO of Suprena Hickman Enterprises- which consists of four divisions: Your Escape Coach- which is a personal development and wellness company focusing on self-care, Escapes In A Box, SHE Wellness(Escape 2 Sisterhood, Girls Rocking In The South) and  Sweet Escapes By Suprena….

Suprena is a wife, mother, educator, & passionate community leader who earned her B.S. in Nursing from Norfolk State University and her M.B.A from the University of Phoenix. In addition to being a Registered Nurse, she is a Certified Integrative Health Coach through Duke Integrative Medicine.

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Personal Guided Retreats –  Just imagine having your personal retreat planned for you along with the directions for your escape. The beautiful thing about this is that you don’t need to travel far to make it work. You can escape at home, in your city, or out of town. There is an option for you regardless if you’re in the home with a house full of children or a caregiver for a loved one and you’re with little physical support.

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