noun: the quality of being toxic or poisonous


1) of, pertaining to, affected with, or cause by a toxin or poison

2) acting as or having the effect of poison; poisonous

3) causing unpleasant feeling; harmful or malicious

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Women’s Power Circle

Sisterhood. Support. Success.

This is a weight loss support group for plus size women desiring consistent Sisterhood, Support, & Success

This group is for you if:
– you have >80lbs to lose
– you desire to be amongst a group of like-minded and like-bodied women
– you are tired of bearing the emotional, physical, and spiritual weight that you’ve carried for years
– you are ready to battle obesity and achieve your optimal level of health

Cohort I

December 1st, 2020- March 1st, 2021

Private virtual group and coaching sessions

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Everyone Loves a Superhero, Right?

We love Superheroes because they always come in and save the day. They are dependable and incredibly resilient, right? Well, Nurses, Teachers, Social Workers, caregivers, single & busy moms or dads are just a few examples of Superheroes frequently spoken of by many. However, they don’t wear visible capes, disappear, or fly. They do have superpowers whether they are aware of it or not.

Meantime, as our Superheroes are out saving the world every day, personally, they are being neglected. The neglect is likely unintentional, but it occurs because people are accustomed to receiving help from the superwoman. I say superwoman because women are mainly who take on extremely heavy loads to manage the family and balance work and personal life on a regular basis.

So, who takes care of our Superheroes?

How will they know when to remove their capes and be restored?

You see, we superheroes have trained the world really well to neglect us because they know that, no matter what, we’ve got it. We could be screaming for help and they will respond with an encouraging word telling you to pray about it or they may simply say “you know you will find a way”. It’s no fault of their’s because they don’t know how to care for a superhero- or else they would do just that.

Well, as a fellow Superhero, I’ve had many hard learned lessons in self-care and self worth. You see, I’m often referred to as superwoman and I’m asked quite frequently how I do all that I do. Honestly, I do a lot of self work which involves a lot of healing and restoring. I’ve had many emotional wounds by others as well as self-inflicted. Yet, I have healed and continue to do so much quicker than ever. I also am very purpose-driven, Christ-centered, and my strong faith helps to keep me focused and energized.

Wearing this invisible cape comes with a lot of responsibilities, but the greatest responsibility is to myself first! I’ve learned that when I’m off emotionally then it affects other areas of my life- including business. I’ve also found that this is true for all of my fellow Superheroes. It’s imperative that we “superheroes” take care of ourselves in the midst of us saving the world. So, it is my desire to help my fellow superheroes heal from their emotional wounds and also prevent and/or decrease burnout so they may be used in the utmost effective ways to impact the world.


Helping the Superheroes by Preventing and Eliminating Burnout

Discover How a Burnout Prevention Specialist Can Help You


Meet Your Escape Coach, Suprena!

Nurse Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach, Empire Builder

Suprena has experienced her share of hurts and has learned the beautiful art of healing. Now, she uses her past and current experiences, her spiritual gifts, 8 years of certified coaching experience, along with her nearly 23 years of professional Nursing expertise to help others heal- as she has, and continues to do. She affectionately says that she uses her stethoscope differently these days- and she loves it!…

Suprena understands what it looks and feels like being in toxic environments and relationships. Therefore, she has a passion for helping women and teen girls heal from the emotional wounds endured during their journey. She helps them remove the obstacles preventing them from getting to the next level in their personal life or their business. She also loves building up their self-esteem. She does this through coaching, private retreats, and workshops….

Suprena Hickman is the founder and CEO of Suprena Hickman Enterprises- which consists of four divisions: Your Escape Coach- which is a personal development and wellness company focusing on self-care, Escapes In A Box, SHE Wellness(Escape 2 Sisterhood, Girls Rocking In The South) and  Sweet Escapes By Suprena….

Suprena is a wife, mother, educator, & passionate community leader who earned her B.S. in Nursing from Norfolk State University and her M.B.A from the University of Phoenix. In addition to being a Registered Nurse, she is a Certified Integrative Health Coach through Duke Integrative Medicine.

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Work With Suprena

1:1 coaching – Are you in need of support with sorting through life changes, needing clarity and a plan while in a transitional season personally or professionally, or simply need help Decluttering your life and desire privacy? Well, private coaching may be for you. Are you determined and simply need a little help getting on track? Are you willing to follow instructions, accept suggested upgrades, and do the hard work necessary to meet your goals? If so, then private one-on-one coaching may be what you need.

Personal Guided Retreats –  Just imagine having your personal retreat planned for you along with the directions for your escape. The beautiful thing about this is that you don’t need to travel far to make it work. You can escape at home, in your city, or out of town. There is an option for you regardless if you’re in the home with a house full of children or a caregiver for a loved one and you’re with little physical support.

• Nurse Management Problem Solver
• Social Media consulting
• Burnout Prevention
• Healing Retreats
• Escapes in a Box

Private groups
• Enlightened Women’s Power Circle
• Hickman Creative Marketing & Promotions group
• Nurse Boss Empowerment Group

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