Welcome to Escape Coaching with Suprena

Her approach for coaching is holistic and will stretch you to get out of your comfort zone. During this process, it requires you to open up to all uprooting of old behaviors (unlearning) in order to receive something new and effective.


Suprena’s approach includes her knowledge of mental, physical, and spiritual health combined with her knowledge of entrepreneurship. Suprena is extremely gifted in helping people heal from past hurts and pushing them out of their comfort zone so they can grow exponentially.


If you have a goal to achieve, she can help you accomplish it if you are willing to do the work.




Coaching and Mentoring are both forms of guidance and support. You will often hear or see them mentioned together. However, there is a difference between the two.


◼ Coaching typically has a specific, short-term focus on helping individuals or teams achieve specific goals or overcome specific challenges. It often involves improving performance or skill development.

◼ Coaching relationships are generally professional and may be established for a fixed period. Coaches are often selected based on their expertise in a particular area.

◼ Coaches are typically subject-matter experts who provide structured guidance, often based on established coaching models and techniques.

◼ Coaching tends to be more structured, with defined objectives, regular progress assessments, and specific action plans.

◼ In coaching, there is often a sense of accountability for achieving specific, measurable results.

◼ Coaching relationships are often initiated by organizations or individuals seeking improvement in specific areas.


◼ Mentoring is more long-term and holistic. It focuses on the overall development and growth of the mentee, not just specific goals. Mentors often provide guidance based on their own experiences.


◼ Mentoring relationships are often informal and may develop naturally. Mentors are usually more experienced individuals who offer guidance and support based on their personal and professional experiences.


◼ Mentors are usually senior professionals who share their experiences, wisdom, and insights, rather than providing structured instruction.


◼ Mentoring is often less structured, with a focus on personal development and informal conversations.


◼ In mentoring, the emphasis is more on personal growth and development, with less emphasis on measurable outcomes.


◼ Mentoring relationships often arise more spontaneously or are based on mutual interest and willingness.

The choice between coaching and mentoring actually depends on your needs and particular goals. So, are you ready for coaching or mentoring?