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Join the She Means Business™️ Year-End Elite Mastermind and Finish the Year Strong.

Welcome to the She Means Business™️ Year-End Elite Mastermind! Are you a high-functioning woman ready to make the most out of your fourth quarter and set the stage for an incredible new year? You're in the right place.

My mastermind is designed for women like you – driven, ambitious, and committed to excellence.


October: "Q4 Preparation and Planning"

✅ Goal setting and prioritization.


✅ Strategic planning.


✅ Stress management and self-care.


✅ Networking and relationship building.

November: "Q4 Execution and Excellence"

✅ Productivity and time optimization.


✅ Leadership and career advancement.


✅ Wellness and well-being.


✅ Feedback and reflection.

December: "Q4 Reflection and New Beginnings"

✅ Year-end review.


✅ Vision and goal setting for the new year.


✅ Action planning and accountability.


✅ Celebration and closing.

1. Exclusive Community:

Connect with like-minded high-achieving women who share your goals and aspirations.

2. Expert Guidance:

Gain insights from industry experts and thought leaders during our mastermind sessions.

3. Personal Growth:

Develop leadership skills, boost productivity, and enhance your well-being.

4. Accountability:

Benefit from a supportive network that helps you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Ready to unlock your full potential, elevate your success, and conquer Q4 like never before? Join our elite mastermind and prepare for an extraordinary year-end experience.


"Working with Suprena Hickman has been life changing. Her life coaching provided me with tools that have helped me to navigate an extremely stressful season of my life. Suprena took real life situations and taught me how to breathe through them and prioritize what was important! If you need to declutter your mind, you have found the right place!"
M. Peebles
Entrepreneur & Healthcare Trainer
"Suprena Hickman, has skillfully taken her life experiences as an example to teach, prepare, and mentor women. She’s a great listener, a straight talker, and she’s cares about the women she’s coaching and mentoring. The time that I have spent with Suprena has awakened my consciousness of self. I am aware of what new habits have formed and what behaviors are being worked on or have changed."
M. Cooper
Entrepreneur & Poet
“Suprena has a true heart for the people she serves: I am one of them. Due to a Suprena’s servant leadership, knowledge, and experience I became a published author. She is the real deal. Thank you Suprena.”
Kim Scott, RN
Clinical Nurse Manager
"Working with Suprena Hickman was an experience I will never forget. She helped me identify weaknesses in my work ethic and helped me with strategy to strengthen it. I appreciate how she works with you so you can uncover things you need to work on and not give you the answers as she has you do the work needed to dig deeper. Through working with Suprena I have identified additional gifts and offers that has allowed me to expand my portfolio."
N. Davenport
Holistic Wellness Coach

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